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Why Us?

The only insurance agency providing expert analysis of your current coverage deficiencies, FREE consultations in vital areas like Employment Law and Human Resources, and access to over 400 insurance companies—all backed by a written service guarantee.

What makes us different?

We are unlike any insurance broker you've ever met before. Via our sophisticated Coverage Gap Analysis, written Service Plan, and unparalleled carrier access, we're simply better at designing and procuring the right insurance program for your personal or business needs.

  • Auto Insurance
    Auto Insurance

    State law mandates that you carry minimum levels of auto insurance. Let us help you choose the right coverage based on your goals and finances. We offer multi-car discounts to help you reduce costs.

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  • Homeowner's Insurance
    Homeowners Insurance

    Protect one of your largest life-time investments with professionally placed homeowner's insurance coverage that will protect your home against various perils. Find out what discounts are available.

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  • Business Insurance
    General Liability Insurance

    Stay protected 24/7 against your business being sued by 3rd parties alleging bodily injury or property damage, as a result of your alleged negligence. This coverage will also pay for your defense costs and damages.

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  • Worker's Comp Insurance
    Workers Comp Insurance

    We offer a unique and proprietary process to reduce your Workers' Comp costs. It will reduce the hassles and headaches of dealing with claims and claims adjustors should an employee injury occur.

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  • Insurance Policy Consulting

    Let our expert ISU agent analyze your insurance policy and ensure that you are sufficiently protected against risks that might financially ruin your well-being. We will conduct a sophisticated audit of your current coverage, give you a detailed coverage analysis, and assist you in correcting any insurance gaps or deficiencies.

    80% of the insurance policies we evaluate are seriously deficient, and, in fact, those deficiencies can literally be business ending in the event of a major loss. The true cost of an insurance policy can only be realized at the time a claim occurs.

    Don’t procrastinate – give us a call today and be safe!

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